Relax Sauna

Relax Sauna

If you are looking for the most advanced Far Infrared Technology, then you are Here! We may not be made out of pretty wood, but what makes a FIR Sauna so effective is the generator of the FIR Light that interacts and pulsates your water molecules, creating an increase in core temperature, an increase in circulation, and an increase in lymph flow. If you have all these, then it is incredible to see the health benefits a person can derive. Many health problems simply disappear!

We have been promoting the Relax Far Infrared Sauna since 2002.  The Relax Sauna is made by an Electrical Company in Taiwan, who have been in business since 1978, and hence will be celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2018.   Prior to marketing the Relax Sauna, we marketed an inexpensive made-in-China Sauna that was nice, but had only about 1/10 the amount of Far Infrared Energy emitted by its emitters than the Relax Sauna.  That is because the Relax Sauna generators, because of their breakthrough in technology after 10 years or research were able to create a semi-conductor chip that includes far infrared materials, heat components, and computer technology to produce an emitter of 95-99% far Infrared Energy.  

Other infrared saunas generate between 18% (tourmaline) – to 36% (most portable saunas using the carbon panels) – to 40-60% (wooden infrared saunas) of far infrared energy. These companies are not able to escape Planck’s Law, which pretty much says that as you increase the wattage, you lose the accuracy.  Pictorially, you can imagine a bell-curve of energy emitted by an infrared emitter, where only the area underneath (remember calculus) middle part of the bell-curve is far infrared energy.  When you increase the wattage, the bell-curve flattens, and hence the area underneath the 4-14-micron measurements (in the middle of the bell-curve) becomes much less.   This means only 18-60% of the energy emitted by the emitters IS Far Infrared energy.

There is a great deal of research on Far Infrared Energy research over the last 50 years.  Research has proven over and over again, that Far infrared saunas help rheumatoid arthritis, blood flow, Raynaud’s syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, heart conditions, and chronic pain.

We have over 600 video testimonies echoing this research.  If you go to YouTube, and search for “Relax Sauna Testimonials,” you will see most of them.  

Recently there has been a lot of “hype” about Near Infrared Heat lamps and Saunas.   In a paper presented in 2004, at the Pacific Rim Symposium on Bio photonics, researchers at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan proved that the Relax Table Lamp Generator (1/10 the power of the Relax Sauna) was far more effective than a Near Infrared Heat Lamp in Penetrating Deeper into Human Tissue, and increasing greater blood flow.  Far Infrared Energy has a proven track record of activating the mitochondria to create ATP and Nitric Oxide (NO).   Oh my God.  Those promoting Near Infrared says Near Infrared does this, and Far infrared does not.   This is Not True.   Go to the original research to get the facts.   Far infrared Penetrates through clothes. Near infrared does not.  You can feel it through your clothes in the hot sun on a cold day. 

Only Far Infrared Energy (Near infrared does not) Pulsates the water molecules in the body.  This is the Crux of what far infrared energy does.  And the pulsating water molecules cause a cascading domino effect of …  Increasing micro-circulation and Core Temperature of the Body.   Increasing Micro-circulation, as mentioned, helps neuropathy, Raynaud’s syndrome, the healing of  wounds and diabetic ulcers, and so much more.   Increasing core-temperature on the other hand, mobilizes the lymph, and helps detoxify the body, thus increasing the whole metabolic functioning of the body, in addition to helping digestion, and increasing absorption of nutrients.

Here is a Scientific Explanation of what Far Infrared Does, and the comparison of it to Near Infrared Energy — for those who can understand the scientific language:

“FIR wavelength is too long to be perceived by the eyes, however, the body experiences its energy as a gentle radiant heat which can penetrate up to 1.5 inches (almost 4 cm) beneath the skin. FIR energy is sufficient to exert rotational and vibrational modes of motion in bonds forming the molecules (including the water molecules) as well as resonate with cellular frequencies. Resulting epidermal temperature is higher when the skin is irradiated with FIR than if similar thermal loads from shorter wavelengths are used.  The prolonged ery-thermal response due to FIR exposure has been proposed to be due to increased epidermal temperatures associated with it.”

There has been much hype also about “Full-spectrum” infrared, which is a marketing term, and does not have a legal definition.  This is a company’s admission that they are NOT able to produce Pure Far Infrared Energy.  They have apparrently decided to make this a positive thing, coining a term called “Full-spectrum” infrared. 

We have found through the many doctors who use the Relax Saunas in their practices that the Relax Sauna is very effective for so many things, including “having the patient sit in the Relax Sauna while doing IV Therapy.”  The more far infrared energy, the more effective will be the treatment.   10 grams of vitamin C can make an impact, while 1 gram may not.  The Relax Sauna generates between 4-10 times more Far Infrared Energy than does any other infrared sauna.  

We like to say, “An Experience in the Relax Sauna is worth 1000 pictures.”  If you do the math, that’s a lot of words.  (considering they say “A picture is worth 1000 words.”) Suffice it to say, the Relax Sauna experience is something that people DO Write Home about.  It is special.  That is why they say, it is like being in the presence of a Chi Gong Master.  Dozens who have gotten into the Relax Sauna at conferences say, “They feel like they are being hugged by their Grandmother.”  Not too many things feel like that.  The parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

Probably the best things about the Relax Sauna is:

There is INSTANT ON.   It takes 10-30 seconds to feel really good, not 20-30 minutes

The relax Sauna is very portable, comes in a carrying case, can fit into a suitcase (minus chair that does come with the Relax Sauna), takes 2 minutes to set up, and 1 minute to take down.

You get Compliance.   That is Key.   Easy to use.  To clean, turn on for 5 minutes after use.

4)      It takes about 8 minutes to start sweating, and ONLY about 20 minutes for a complete sweat.

5)      There is an even distribution of the healing light since the Relax Sauna tent mirrors the light.

You can have your head Out for easy breathing.  If you wish, you can duck your head.

The cost is very affordable.   It also contains no plastic (as do almost all other portable saunas.)

There is NO EMF anywhere where your vital organs are, The Relax Sauna generator is one of the best EMF protectors on the planet.  The Relax Sauna also antidotes ill effects of previous exposure to EMF.   There is some EMF by the feet, but less than ¼ of a Green Power Juicer or a Vita Mix Blender.   The Relax Sauna generator also antidotes sunburn & nuclear energy. 

The Relax Sauna is used by many who are chemically sensitive or who have environmental concerns.  Some of the most renowned doctors involved with environmental medicine recommend the Relax Sauna.

The Relax Sauna has a proven track record of 15 years demonstrating at over 200 professional conferences in this span of time.   Thousands of Naturopathic doctors use the Relax Sauna in their homes or clinics.  There are over 600 Video testimonies on YouTube.  The Relax Sauna is recommended by Dr. Bill Akpinar in the 2nd edition of his book, “No Sweat?  Know Sweat!”  Dr Akpinar was voted best cancer doctor in NY in 2007, and is a Chi-Gong Master.

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