Primary Care Services

Primary Care Services

Whether you or a loved one suffers from temporary discomfort or chronic pain, Dr. Elisa Pease specializes in primary care services for the whole family at Pease Integrative Medicine

Offering an alternative approach to primary care, our experienced team views each patient as more than just a set of symptoms. In addition to identifying the core issue, we also look at exterior factors which may also impact your health, including diet, living environment, stress, prior health problems and other possible alternatives.

With traditional physicians routinely overscheduling their time, it’s virtually impossible for them to build relationships with each patient. Without that personal connection, symptoms can be missed, prolonging relief for the patient and sometimes resorting to quick fixes with medication.

Dr. Pease is a board-certified, licensed practitioner who understands the importance of cultivating relationships with each of her patients. To accomplish this, she only accepts a certain number of patients at a time — allowing her to provide everyone with the personalized care they deserve.

Sitting down with her patients, Dr. Pease practices a comprehensive method that allows her to treat both acute and chronic conditions. From a simple cold to chronic migraines to sudden back pain, our healthcare team works diligently to understand the root cause of your pain in an effort to find natural, long-term relief.

Dr. Pease combines her knowledge as a physician with her background in treating the whole person to offer customized solutions tailored to you. These can include anything from eliminating certain foods from your diet, to a new exercise or meditation routine to vitamins and supplements to help your body perform at its best. 

In order to achieve optimal health and healing, it’s important to be 100% open with your physician about your issue. That’s why at Pease Integrative Medicine, your comfort remains our top priority. Have the peace of mind to know that we’ve looked at your issue from all angles, and not just the ones that require medication. 

For more info on primary care services from the whole health team at Pease Integrative Medicine, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us here or call our office at 734.652.3210.