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Pease Integrative Family Medicine

In today’s hectic world, your family’s health and wellness rarely gets the attention it deserves until someone gets sick, hurt — or is ordered by a doctor to make drastic lifestyle changes. 

While all physicians take an oath to “first do no harm,” many doctors resort to quick fixes using medication that often causes negative side effects. Board certified family physician Dr. Elisa Pease, M.D. focuses on healing with a whole body approach, offering integrative healthcare solutions for the whole family.

Many doctors treat their patients like a set of symptoms, missing key factors that could be the underlying issue for a more serious illness. Using a patient-centered philosophy, Dr. Pease  approaches each patient as a whole individual, looking at everything from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Specializing in integrative medicine and primary care, Dr. Pease works closely with each of her patients so she can fully understand their needs and create a personalized solution.

She has helped many patients find relief by focusing on whole family wellness as a way to treat health issues for patients of all ages. Offering an alternative healthcare approach to typical medications, Dr. Pease highlights the importance and impact that nourishing your body has on your physical, mental and emotional health. Spending time outdoors, developing meaningful relationships and setting yourself up for a great night’s sleep are just a few tools that are game-changers for your overall health.

Believing in patient-centered care, our staff provides a relaxed environment filled with the support you need to ask questions, while creating lasting relationships with our staff.

Whether you are looking to treat a condition or are interested in more preventative care, Dr. Pease uses her holistic healthcare approach to reduce anything from fatigue and nausea to feelings of pain and anxiety.

Life is too short to spend it feeling less than your absolute best. Our healing approach is designed to optimize your body, your mind and your spirit.

For more info on integrative healthcare from the experts at Pease Integrative Medicine, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us here or call us directly at 734.652.3210.