Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

Dr. Pease has been the PCP for both myself and my 2 kids for the past 4 years.  We have seen various primary care physicians over the years and she is my favorite! She is up-to-date on current research and can explain the ins and outs of it in a way I can understand. She is knowledgeable about both alternative treatments and western medicine, when needed.  

I love that she is very conservative about prescribing medications and that on the rare occasion my child has needed an antibiotic, I can be 100% confident that he truly needs it — she said she only prescribes antibiotics about twice a year total for her entire practice. 

She has a wonderful bedside manner, really takes her time to listen and talks to you, not at you. We drive 30 minutes each way to see her — well worth it!

– Ruth

Best doctor I’ve ever met. Great for thyroid patients.

– Joanne